Join us at the Free Westwood Puppy Parties!
every Monday evening 6.15pm - 7pm at Boston Spa
Hosted by: Nursing Assistant Hazel Cothay
Well we don’t have jelly and ice cream, but we certainly
do have lots of fun! Social interaction of a young puppy is essential in helping with their development and behaviour. So at our parties, we encourage the little ones to play and mix together to help them mature into happy socialised dogs. For the owners, plenty of informal but informative discussions on caring for your young pet.
All puppies from both surgeries
are welcome providing they
have received the first part
of their vaccination course.

To book a place
please call

Hazel on
01937 842210

01132 320085
Boston Spa
01937 842210

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Westwood Vets Summer 2014 Newsletter
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