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So you have done the important job of creating some excellent marketing. Now
it is even more important to ensure that pet owners see it.

Display newsletters or practice leaflets prominently
in your reception. Give them to anyone who visits
or enquires about your surgery.

Include your material with regular mail outs, such as booster reminders and invoices. This is an easy and economical way of reaching existing clients, particularly those infrequent visitors to your practice. It is also worth considering posting them to your other clients on your database, both active and dormant.

Local distribution can reach new or uninformed pet owners, and allow you to widen your catchment area. It will also help replenish the clients who move away, with others moving into your district. Most areas have a local free paper, which will distribute your newsletters economically as inserts.

Place your newsletter on your website. We can supply you with a digital file, in your preferred format, ready to use for either viewing or download.

Consistency with your newsletters helps create recognition with pet owners, and provides the opportunity to supply a steady, but not overwhelming flow of information to keep them coming back for more.

How many? Practice Leaflets will usually last two or three years, before a redesign is necessary to include the latest information. So think about when and how often you are going to be giving them out, to help you calculate the quantity you will require.
Newsletters normally need to be enough to cover a four-month period. If you are including them with booster reminders, you will need four times your monthly list, plus enough for the surgery waiting room, new enquiries etc. Local distribution? You will need to identify from the publication the quantity required in each of the areas you want to cover.
For those surgeries preferring to use their own printers or copy shops, we can provide your newsletter artwork on CD for you to produce as many or few as required.